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Cleared for Landing: Biscayne’s Turtle Nesting Beaches

May 2016 – Turtle nesting season is just around the corner and the beaches at Biscayne National Park are ready, thanks to another successful Alternative Break program this past spring. The SFNPT is proud to support Alternative Break at Biscayne with annual grant funding, and we are grateful for all the students who volunteer their time to clean beaches so sea turtles have a clear shot at nesting success. Now, on to nesting season… turtles welcome!

Read more about the park’s turtle conservation efforts: https://www.nps.gov/bisc/learn/nature/sea-turtle-information-and-conservation.htm

Read this post from the park to learn more about this year’s Alternative Break:

Biscayne National Park recently wrapped up another very successful “Alternative Break” session. From December through April, the park hosted 437 volunteers (representing nearly 20 different schools and organizations) who helped clean up and restore sensitive coastal habitats in the park, particularly park beaches where threatened and endangered sea turtles are known to nest. Together, these volunteers donated 2,092 hours of volunteer service and removed 13,233 pounds of trash that had washed ashore on our beaches and coastline! We at the park join the sea turtles in saying THANK YOU to each and every volunteer who came out and made a difference by improving the park and contributing to the conservation and protection of threatened and endangered species! The above image features volunteers from the University of Delaware. These amazing students chose to spend their spring break doing service-oriented work in the park instead of taking part in the more traditional partying associated with college spring breaks.

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