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A Strong Start to Turtle Nesting Season in Biscayne National Park

Photo Above: A Biscayne National Park intern protects a sea turtle nest with wire mesh to prevent predation by raccoons. Photo Credit: Coastal Cleanup Corporation.

July 2018 – Turtle nesting season is off to a great start in Biscayne National Park, thanks in part to all the volunteers who helped the park and its partners (including the SFNPT) clear the park’s turtle beaches of marine debris in advance of the summer nesting season.

Biscayne shared the following report this month, with final stats on this year’s volunteer cleanups (known as Alternative Break) and an update on nesting activity so far this summer…

2018 Beach Cleanups: The latest season of Alternative Break beach clean-ups wrapped up in April. Overall, the park hosted 252 different volunteers who served 1,057 hours and collected 14,011 pounds of debris from sea turtle nesting beaches and other coastal habitats!

Update on Nesting: Sea turtles are proving to be very active in nesting this year.

As of today (July 18), Biscayne National Park has 22 nests (or suspected nests) and 14 false crawls. If all suspected nests turn out to be actual nests, we will have observed a record number of nests in one season.

Of note is that we have thus far also gone the entire nesting season with no predation by raccoons.

While we cannot pinpoint one sole reason for the increase in numbers, clean beaches are definitely a factor in successful nesting.

Here at SFNPT, we say: Thank you to all the volunteers who helped clean the park’s nesting beaches this year !!!


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