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Flamingo Trifecta: Crocodiles, Manatees & Dolphins, all in a day

March 2015 – A friend of ours calls it the Flamingo trifecta. A manatee, a dolphin and a crocodile, all spotted on the same day, in the same location – Flamingo in Everglades National Park.

The former fishing village at the end of the main park road is a great place to launch a canoe, watch birds, spot crocodiles, pitch a tent and enjoy the night sky.

The American crocodile has made a huge comeback in South Florida in recent years and Flamingo is one of the best places to spot these close cousins of the American alligator.

Can you tell the difference? Learn more about crocodiles and alligators on the Everglades National Park website:

American Crocodiles: Species Profile

American Alligators: Species Profile


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